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Thanks alot - your anwser solved all my problems after several days struggling

 4 Chartric (17/03/20 04:42)
There are parking garages on seemingly every block in NYC. It will cost ~$ 50 for overnight parking. I stayed at the Hilton on Ave of the Am2acir&#8e17;s a couple weeks ago &#8211; cost $ 42 to park overnight for a guest.You DO NOT need a car in NYC. Walk, taxi or subway is the best way to get around. I&#8217;d suggest parking somewhere around Times Square &#8211; it&#8217;s fairly central to everything.Taxi rides aren&#8217;t that expensive. The subway is very safe.The guy who suggested parking in Virginia stole my line &#8211; I was going to say New Jersey. +1Was this answer helpful?